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The Client Need

In today’s competitive environment existing development staff within companies are typically working against tight deadlines and have no “slack” to pursue small but desirable projects which arise from time to time.  Because many great ideas are forgotten if not acted upon quickly this results in potentially numerous missed opportunities for business success.


For individuals who own their own small business the problem is that they typically do not have the resources to hire a salaried programming staff.


Karakhorum Ventures' answer to these dilemmas is to develop ongoing relationships with our clients to understand their business needs. With an established relationship we can be effective in helping with short-term or temporary projects as needs arise.


By providing assistance only when it is needed we help our clients manage their development expenses while enabling them to implement their ideas while they are “hot.”


In addition to software development we are also available to assist with trouble-shooting projects and existing systems which are not performing to expectations.


About Us

Karakhorum Ventures was founded by Brendan B. Boerner, a highly regarded software engineer and project manager formerly with Novell, Inc. and Pervasive Software, Inc.


Mr. Boerner believes that three crucial issues impede successful software development efforts:

·        Poor communication.

·        Poor understanding of the problem to be solved.

·        Less than robust development methodologies.


To address these deficiencies Mr. Boerner’s development philosophy mirrors his general life philosophy:

·        Ongoing and clear communication with clients to ensure that requirements, both stated and implicit, are understood.

·        Defer coding until the problem is properly understood.  While this produces the perception that progress is not being made, this approach ultimately results in on-time product deliverable that meets the client’s expectations and requires less re-work than a “get coding now” approach.

·        Choosing a development methodology that is compatible with the specific project.  While an SEI (Software Engineering Institute) CMM (Capability Maturity Model) approach may be required for designing large mission-critical systems such as Space Shuttle systems, it is generally overkill for smaller projects.  Mr. Boerner’s favored approach for most client projects is to use an iterative, rapid-prototyping approach similar to Extreme Programming.  Using this approach the client receives frequent updates of project deliverables to review and provide feedback.  Such feedback results in reduced latency to address client concerns and helps to ensure that the final deliverable meets the client’s expectations.


Recent Projects


As it was determined that Excel alone was typically consuming 25% CPU utilization (on a 700Mhz Pentium running Windows NT 4.0) the client desired a phased implementation beginning with the replacement of Excel for quote capturing.


A quote capture module was implemented in C++ connecting to REDIPlus via an ActiveX interface.  On initial implementation CPU utilization by the quote capture module dropped to approx. 5%.  With the new module in-place system performance (measured by the # of positions checked per second) increased by 300%.  Further improvements increased performance by approx. 400%.






Java (command-line utilities)

Visual Basic for Access/Excel

Intel 80x86 Assembler

Win32, Win16

Novell NetWare (Client and NLM)



Microsoft Component Object Model (COM)

Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC)

Microsoft Active Data Objects (ADO)


Barclays Capital FX Trading System

Deutsche Bank B2B Integration API

Goldman Sachs Foreign Exchange Transaction Protocol


Financial Information eXchange  (FIX) Protocol

RediFIX (server only)


Goldman Sachs REDIPlus

Interactive Broker’s TWSAPI (SocketClient)

Assent Brokerage Hammer Protocol

Reuters Plus

TrackData Java SDK

OmegaResearch TradeStation 2000i / TradeStation Technologies TradeStation v7 DevKit (including EasyLanguage / Extension DLLs)

Equis MetaStock Pro MSX (External Function) DevKit





Office 2000 (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)

Visual C++ / Watcom C++



Trading Solutions


SoftICE for DOS, Win32


Remote NLM (NetWare Loadable Module) Debugging

NetWare  Internal Debugger


Operating Systems

Windows NT/2000 / XP

NetWare 3.x, 4.x


Windows 95/98

Windows 3.1




We appreciate the opportunity to present our offerings to you and would like to discuss with you how we can best meet your software development needs.  Please feel free to contact us at:


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